So you own a jacket, now what? 

Congrats! Jacket ownership is a big step and we here at Good Letters are excited and ready to support you on that journey. 

Good Letters jackets are custom painted jackets (denim, usually, but we've been known to dabble with the occasional canvas or leather piece of outerwear as well).


Good Letters jackets are designed for maximum confidence.

It is your mission statement to the world.


So what have you got to say? 


Who is a Good Letters jacket for?

LIT👏🏼ER👏🏽ALLY EV👏🏾ERY👏🏿ONE But, in particular, it's for the guy or gal or non-binary human who, nevertheless, persists. It's for that kid you were in middle school who felt too big for their own skin. It's for the person you want to be, the one you're growing into, slowly but surely.

How long does it take to make?

Jackets take about 3-4 weeks to design, sketch, and paint. We like to allow a little wiggle room for eating meals and living life but if it looks like circumstances are conspiring and it'll take longer than that, we'll be sure to be in touch! Most jackets are on a first come, first serve basis (we are still a democracy after all) but, on very rare occasions, exceptions are made as schedules permit. There will be an additional $75 rush fee.

How much does it cost to make?

Jackets start at $120, if you provide the D*, and at $160 if we give the D to you (please see below for more details). This cost includes a design of 3-5 words and two colors: white or black + one other. If you have something longer or more complex in mind, please reach out! *the D, in this instance, stands for denim

Can I provide my own jacket?

We prefer it that way! However, please note that modern denim, esp those jackets made for the ladies, have a lot of stretch to them. That extra give is certainly kind to our curves but less so to the integrity of the paint. All the more reason to smash the patriarchy, folks! Unsure if your jacket has too much give? Let's chat.

What if I don't have a jacket?

Ain't no thing, honey. We do have a handful of jackets available for purchase. However, quantities are limited and those are on a first come, first serve basis. We can also recommend a variety of places for you to look to find the perfect jacket.

 Please note none of the above is legally binding in any way, it's a general set of guidelines that can and will be amended. Don't see your question here? Thought you saw a different cost estimate somewhere else? Just ask! Communication is just as important for jackets as it is for relationships. 

You ready to do this thing?

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